“Love Remedy” by Kawamaru Shin

Kawamaru Shin’s “cute glasses boy” volume 5 has released!! it’s only a few days after i bought volume 4. i really love the story. i wish they will release the online version so you can read it.

BTW, I’m not going to write about ‘cute glasses boy’, but another comic from Kawamaru Shin. it’s called “love remedy”.

just like its title, it’s about a doctors’ (doctors give remedy) love life. however, I’ll only tell you about one out of three (based on the online version) story of the comic.

the story is about an actress who lost her voice, so she went to throat, nose and ear doctor. the doctor is really caring, he even want to accompanied her. But, she found out that he doesn’t did it on his own will.

What will happen next? is he really that evil? find it out right now, by clicking here.

My Opinion about this Book

at first, i thought ‘why is this guy so caring to a stranger girl? he doesn’t even recognize that she’s an actress! this story is gonna be weird.’ but, it turned out really good! the story answered all of things I’ve questioned about.  i recommend this comic. so, I’ll rate this comic 9/10!!

Thankyou for reading this far!! ~Cass

“a book is a dream that you hold in your hands.” ~Neil Gaiman



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