How to Read Comics

Hi guys! maybe most of you don’t know or don’t understand how to read comics.

So, today I’m gonna tell you and teach you how to read comics (with pictures).

First of all, i’ll tell you how to read Japanese comics. usually, we read from left to right, but in Japanese comics, you have to read from right column to left column. Here is a sample of what i’ve just said.

13558Got it? Right to left. the number 1 is the first column you have to read, and number 2 is the next one, and just like that, in order of the number.

How if the comic’s columns are more complicated? If there is 2 column on top and bottom of the row, you have to read the top first and the bottom. Just like this:

13556look at number one (top) and you read the bottom (2) then the left one.

Next! If the top and bottom columns are in the left, still, you read the right first, then read the top left and then bottom one. like this:

13557you read the 5 first, then the top left (6) and the bottom (7). two column on the top left and bottom right, which i wrote “this isn’t count’ just get rid of it. Just pretend it wasn’t there.

These is it! have you understand it? here’s the conclusion. ALWAYS read the right first and then left. if there is top and bottom on the same row, read the top first. Simple as that.

Now just go and read your favorite comic! go to my post to see comics recommendation from me! Want to read it immediately? Click here! it’s a comic about a 5th grade girl. very cute and funny story! it’ll really easy to understand and read for a new reader. it’s called “Hi! Miiko”

for ‘Hi! Miiko’ comic, i’ll give 10/10!! please like and give comments!

Thankyou for reading this far! ~Cass

“If we eat a delicious food, our heart will be warm and can make us smile.” ~Ono Eriko




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