Hi! I’m finally graduated from high school!

i promise i will post more frequently. actually i want to post about Kadono Yuu’s comic, but again, the online version of the book is not release yet. so i think i just post something like this.

the book that i was going to post is “when i found your love”. The story is about a sister-complex-girl who always pick her younger sister up from school everyday. She did it because her younger sister is really beautiful and cute, so she doesn’t want her sister to be cat-called by boys.

And one day, when she was going to pick up her sister, she saw a guy earring fall and almost fall into the sewer. without thinking she jump and reached the earring. The next day, he found out that the girl is schooling in the same school as his. so he searched for her and they met.

In a nutshell, he helped her from ‘bad guys’, she fall in love, and she thinks the boy fall in love with her either. but there was a twist and she misunderstood that he was just take advantage from her. but in the end the story is still has happy ending.

Just read it if you really curious, but i’m sorry i can’t give you the link to read it online.

i’ll just give you picture of the cover. Btw, i’m giving this comic 7.5/10, because i don’t really into ‘too-much’ love. idk. ._.

Thankyou for reading this far! ~CassCp8-eJAUIAAarFP

“So many books, so little time.”


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