“Finding True Love” by Nanajima Kana

What are your conditions for your true love?

Good looking? Cool? Wealthy? From good family?? … NO!! The one that you love is the best, of course!

This comic is about a girl who always searching for her true love. but, whenever she had boyfriend it always not her “true love”. so many bad and weird things happen between her relationship. although she always think that her boyfriend is “the one”.

Kazuma, her bestfriend, always care about her and tell her which one is right or which one is wrong. but sometimes she thinks that he was just make her relationship broken. And one day she find out why Kazuma always care about her. It’s because he love her.

So, how will this story began?? is she going to be his girlfriend?? is he her true love?? is she found her true love?? Find it out RIGHT NOW!!

*n.b: this comic has a quite long story sooo.. enjoy!

if you already read it, give me a comment about that comic or about this post, or about anything you want to say! lol. You can also like this page ! ^^

Thankyou for reading this far! ~Cass

“Sleep is good, but books are better.”


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