“My Lovely Rich Boy” by Erika Kurahashi

Hi guys! Today i’m gonna give you my review about Erika Kirahashi’s comic.

This comic is telling about a girl, who has been dumped by a very rich boy in her school. Since then, she determined herself that she will not have a rich boyfriend again.

And one day, she got close to a guy in her class. When she start to like him, she find out that he’s really rich. Even richer than her ex. When she knew it, her feeling towards him dissapear.

But, true love will always end up together. She finally realise that she love him so much. And he always love her since their first met.

There’s so much interesting story in this comic. Not only the girl i just told you, but her bestfriend has her own love story. You should really read it. I recommend this book so much.

And if you want to read it, you can click here !! See you on the next post!

Thanks for reading this far! ~Cass.

“We read to know we’re not alone.” ~William Nicholson, Shadowlands


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