“I Will Marry You” by Kayoru


HI! I’m so excited to write this post, because THIS IS MADE BY MY FAVORITE COMIC CREATOR!! Kayoru is the new comic creator (because her comic released in Indonesia just few years ago), but she has amazing drawing skill!!! And the story is not forgotten.

She always draw amazing character, beautiful, and every detail of it is unbearable. I really fall in love with her drawing and story since the first time i read her comic. She likes to draw character in close up (i think) but that’s my favorite, she always draw with every detail and it’s really amazing. I’m pretty sure you guys will think the same.

Synopsis time!

This story is telling about a girl and a boy (they’re 6 years old) who promised to marry each other when they are 16 years old. The girl is really rich and the boy industry is on the edge of bankruptcy. so the girl who is in love with him, ask him to marry her to fix his bankruptcy. She really took all of the efforts to be the best wife. But, one day, the guy said he want to cancel the marriage. So, how about their 6 years old promisses? what is he thinking? how she manage her feeling?

If you want to read the story, you can click here! read it online!

Enjoy the amazing manga! Thankyou for reading this far! ~Cass

“I have always imagined that paradise will be kind of library.” ~Jorges Luis Borges


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