“Zero x Zero Memories” by Kozue Takeuchi

I just bought this book!

I bought this comic from my friend, she likes books too and has a lot of comic, but she is not a collector of them, so her mom told her to sold her books. and i bought one of it. (special price of course)

This comic has a pretty short story, but really good story. so i will just gonna tell you the synopsis!

This comic is about a girl who got amnesia. she woke up and see 2 boys in front of her, but she didn’t remember any of them. One of them (light hair) said he accidentally kick her with a ball on the head. and the other boy (dark hair) said he’s her childhood bestfriend.

Both of them are really care with her. but none of them want to tell her who are they to her. so she has to find  it out by herself. However, Sakura flower and strawberry milk are clues for her memory. So, who is she? who are they? are they important to her? Find it out now!

so, if you already read it, leave a comment. or you can comment what you think about this post!

Thankyou for reading this far! ~Cass

“Reading a good book is like taking, a journey..” ~Emma Gulliford



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