“To Love a Cool Boy” by Sugishippo


“to love a cool boy” is the first online comic (i don’t have the comic, i just read it online) i write in this blog. Even that, i still wanna write the review about this comic, because THIS IS THE CUTEST COUPLE I’VE EVER READ!

At first I just want to search for Sugishippo’s comic (that I’ve ever read) online. but i couldn’t find it. however i found this story (at first i thought it’s the comic i searched) because it has pretty same character/manga with the story/comic i searched. Even it’s just an accident i found it, this is still the cutest couple in comic!

Okay, i’m going to tell you the synopsis.

It’s about a couple who have a weird fears(?). The boy fears with coldness because of his low body temperature. in other side, the girl fears with heat because of his high body temperature. Because of this differences, they turn out to have different opinion about small things. However they will always find a way out.

The way they act and fight is really cute. They really understand each other even there’s a lot of misunderstanding. they’re really a relationship goal! AND the guy is really handsome!! it makes me really like to read it LOL.

Read this comic, online! NOW

You guys should read it! i like this comic a lot! RECOMMENDED!

Thank you for reading this far! see you on the next posts 😀 ~Cass

“Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them.” ~Lemony Snicket


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