“My Devilish Love” by Shiumi Saki

Cute Romance Comic!

Any of you ever heard ‘Shiumi Saki’? She is a professional comic-maker! (i don’t know what you call ‘komikus’ in english –“) Today I’m going to tell you my review about one of her comic!

Shiumi Saki is really has a good drawing, she draw a beautiful person (boy or girl). And all of her comics have really good story.

Okay. “my devilish love” is about a girl who always be rejected until her 10th confession! And when she’s crying, a devilish playboy heard her and wants to help her with her love life. They went to a date for it, and they fell in love with each other. But! She want to confess her love for the 11th time.

You guys should read their cute romance! You can Read it here, online!

However, this comic has really-really short story line for me. But it’s worth to read. Leave your comment below about this comic or other things!

Thanks for reading this far! ~Cass

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies” ~George R. R. Martin


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