“Captured by Love” by Ichikawa Show

I’m Back!

Today i’m gonna tell you my opinion about Ichikawa Show’s comic!

This comic is pretty old I think but it’s been re-release because its popularity. So i don’t have to tell you this is really a good comic.

Andd here the synopsis!

“Captured by Love” is about 2 bestfriend since they were a kid. Their names are Leo and Uno.

Leo is younger than Uno. (She’s 11th grade, Leo’s 10th grade) Leo has a very cute and handsome face. So, he became a model. Uno never think Leo is cool guy. Because Leo always being spoiled to Uno. Uno just think Leo is her brother. But, one day, Uno went to Leo’s photoshoot, and she fell in love with his cool face.

that’s the synopsis.  What do you think? You won’t just read a cheap love story. But you will read about a cute jealously couple!

unfortunately, this is just a oneshot comic and it’s really a short story. However, this is still worth to read!

Not just the story, the manga is really great too!

Read it now! Click here!

see you on the next review! ~Cass

“We become the books we read” ~Matthew Kelly


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